Posted by: lookatmommyrun | June 9, 2010

San Diego Rock n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon Race Review

I did it 13.1 miles! I am not going to say it was easy but it defiantly wasn’t as bad as I thought. We spent Saturday hanging out in Old Town San Diego walking around taking in the sights. Then we headed to an early dinner and then attempted to get to bed early. Attempted would be the key word here. Two boys in a hotel room with two beds was a recipe for disaster! Needless to say I got zero sleep and 4:30 am came way to quickly. We decided to leave the hotel at 5:30 am so we would have 45 min to go 2 miles figuring we would have plenty of time. Boy was I wrong! it took 45 min to go just about 1 mile! I ended up having to get out of the car on the freeway off ramp and then had to walk up hill a couple of miles to get to the starting line. The race had already begun luckily I was in coral 34 and had a little time before they let us start. Then I attempted to wait in line for the port o potties which proved to be an interesting experience in itself! I was glad I listened to the tip about bringing you own TP!!!

Once we started running I soon figured out I was placed with the wrong pace group and had to quickly become skilled at weaving between walkers! The weather was perfect at the start I felt great and began to relax.

The first part of the course was kind of boring I was a little disappointed. Then we got to run through Balboa Park which was beautiful.

I was very happy that I paced my self because by mile 9 I still felt strong and knew I could finish!

The spectators were great I was surprised how many people came out to cheer on all of the runners. After mile 9 everything kind of became a blur to me all I could think about was seeing my husband, boys and my great friends who came out to watch.  Once I spotted them it gave me the last little bit of energy I needed to finish strong. I even got a high five from my son which was great! I ran so fast to the finish after that I felt like I was going to throw up! Then I realized I was done and I had accomplished my goal that I worked so hard for. In 2 hours and 30 min I thought a lot about my life and all of the things I have to be thankful for.

My plan is to take some time off training for any races until summer is over. I will keep running a couple of times a week along with lifting weights. I will probably just be blogging sporadically since the kids are almost out of school and the summer is going to be busy. I am so thankful to all the people who supported me through this and hope to talk some of you into joining me in a few races in the future!

As far as doing The Rock n’ Roll event again I would probably say I am going to pass and save my money. The course was boring for the most part. The bands were not every mile  ( I was glad I brought my iPod). The logistics for getting to the start line were crazy and the fact I had to walk 2 miles or more just to get back to my hotel after the race was no fun. The finish area was a mess and it was so hard to find my family. I am going to check into some smaller races that cost a lot less money and hopefully they will be a little more enjoyable.



  1. Im so proud of you!!

  2. GREAT job!!!! Congratulations!!

  3. Congrats! It is amazing.

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