Posted by: lookatmommyrun | May 17, 2010

Navy’s Bay Bridge Run Recap

Yesterday was a good day for me I ran the Navy’s Bay Bridge Run. One year ago this was my first race and I can remember how scared I was. Saturday night I felt like I would not be nervous at all, I was defiantly wrong! I couldn’t sleep very well and I think I got maybe 3 hours of sleep. My alarm went off bright and early at 6am and I attempted to wake myself up ate some breakfast and headed to downtown San Diego. Once I got over there I realized that I had forgotten to take my medicine which defiantly didn’t help the race heart! I sat in my car for a bit because it was freezing outside then I decided to head over to the starting area. I got to stand in the dreaded port o potty line then I decided to take some pictures.

I stood in this line for about 20 min and it took me that long to figure out I was lined up in the walkers area. That is how nervous I was. Once I figured this out I went to find the runners area and waited for the race to start. It was very inspiring to see all of the wounded warriors start the race I cannot even imagine what they have gone through yet they still are able to run this race. I started to cry during the national anthem (I am a big cry baby) it always makes me think about what the men and women of the military have sacrificed for us. And of course how much my husband has sacrificed to be a Marine.

After all my nervousness and emotions I was glad for the race to start I turned on my iPod and began to rock out! Everything was good until we got to the mile of running up the Coronado Bridge. I stopped to walk for a min so I could get some video of the view and all of the runners. Then I pushed on determined to beat my time from last year. The rest of the race was a blur until I saw my boys and great friend Natasha at the finish line. I was so happy they came to cheer me on it makes such a huge difference. I sprinted to the end as fast as I could only to be stuck in a very long line to turn in our bib tags which was annoying because my official time was really off. I grabbed some snacks and went to find everyone.

Here is me after the race! Only 3 more weeks until the 1/2 Marathon. Things I learned from this race were to make sure not to forget my meds I am sure I would have run much faster is my heart rate was not through the roof. Make sure I am very hydrated the day before, and defiantly sleep more! Overall it was a good day and good practice for the 1/2 marathon.


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