Posted by: lookatmommyrun | March 3, 2010

Early Morning Workout

For the past couple of months I have noticed a pattern of skipping the gym on Wednesday mornings. This is probably due to being sore from the workout Monday and Tuesday. It could be the fact I want to watch the latest episode of LOST I recorded the night before. It could also be me making the excuse that I do not have enough time to go to the gym before I have to go to school. Today I broke the pattern. Last night the bags were packed and ready to go and my gym clothes were all ready when I woke up.  So here is what I did.

For the month of March I am changing up how I do weight so that I kept my body guessing.

For each set below I did 12 reps and  alternated between the two exercises for 3 sets with no break in between it will get your heart rate up. Then move on to the second set of exercises and do the same.

1. Lunges holding medicine ball w/ twist

Squats w/ overhead dumbbell press

2. Leg Press

     Calves on leg press machine

3. Bicep curls w/ cable

    Tricep extensions w/ cable


1 min Russian twist with medicine ball

1 min plank

Then I ran on the treadmill and did intervals. Today I did things in reverse order to keep my body guessing.

0-2 min walk 3.8 mph

2-3 min run 7.2 mph

3-5 walk 3.8

5-8 run 6.8

8-10 walk 3.8

10-13 run 6.4

13-15 walk 3.8

15-18 run 6.0

18-22 walk 3.6 to cool down


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